Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today is a Good Day

Today is my best friends birthday. We started out at a family owned local pancake house and I had steak and eggs. My friend had an orange juice, an omelet, hash browns, sourdough toast and pancakes. When I told the waitress that all I wanted was the steak and eggs. No fruit, bread, potatoes or pancakes, she looked at me like there was something wrong with me. But who had the healthier meal? 
We're going out to my favorite restaurant tonight, Boulevard,  and I'm looking forward to an extraordinary meal. There are so many choices that are good choices for someone on a low carb diet. 
All the meats and fish are from the best possible sources. I'll avoid the higher carb sides and have a taste of birthday dessert, but I'll have cheese from the cheese menu for my dessert.

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