Thursday, January 1, 2009

IF and Weight Loss

I'm down nearly 5 pounds from Monday. Although I woke up hungry, I did not eat and will not until 3 o'clock. 
The hunger has passed anyway but I do find myself thinking about eating not because I'm hungry but because it's something to do. Always a bad reason to eat. This way I can look forward to breaking my fast with something delicious and with the knowledge that tomorrow I will be a little farther along in my journey. 

Today I will be cleaning out the refrigerator and throwing away all the old stuff, and all the bad stuff. This is the best thing about the new year to me. The fresh start. Having said that, I'm so glad that I made my dietary changes in November rather than waiting for today as so many people do. 
Doing that has made it feel like a real life change rather than a New Years Resolution. I've seen too many people fail at those resolutions because they are not ready for that commitment. They're doing it because of the day and they feel they have to. I need to research how many people are actually successful at their New Years Resolutions. I have feeling the number is pretty small. 

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