Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eye Opener

I'm a big fan of Jimmy Moore. I think he's done a lot, and continues to do a lot, for the Low Carb world through his blog, forum and podcasts. I post on his forum regularly and was just over there ranting about how I need to learn patience because I'm not losing weight fast enough. Jimmy's advice? 
"Consistency in a persistent manner, Bear. That's what will get you there. Be encouraged, my friend!"
I realize now that I've been trying to tweek my diet to get fast results, instead of sticking with one plan that will work for me over the long haul. This is not a diet that I will go off of after having lost the weight I want to lose. If I want to keep it off it has to become a lifestyle. I guess in some ways we all tweek this WOE so that it suits our needs. But at some point we have to settle in on a plan and stick with that plan. I'm wondering if I need to do that for awhile, without trying too many new things. Make a commitment to follow one plan for at least a few months and see where it takes me. 

Now to decide just what that plan will be. 

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