Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have been on Testosterone Replacement Therapy for over 10 years now. Although I have only used the shots sporadically in the past 2 years. I need them, but the weekly injections can be a real pain in the butt. (Pun intended)

Since re-starting my Low Carb journey, I decided that I needed to re-start the injections as well. The benefits of appropriate levels of Testosterone in men are great. Low Testosterone can cause cardio-vascular disease, depression, low self esteem, hot flashes, loss of muscle mass, week bones, low libido, weaker immune system and increase the risk of cancer. 

I've begun to wonder, though if there is a correlation between my weight stalls and the injections. It seems that my weight stalls or goes up the day after I inject. The problem with this is that having normal to high levels should make it easier to lose body fat. Look at the ease that younger men with high Testosterone levels have in losing weight. The weight falls off when making only the smallest change in diet. I believe that men who have a hard time losing and are still under the age of 50, should have their Doc check their Testosterone levels. Mine did because he had seen it so often in his practice. Most Doc's don't check for this so many young men may have the same condition I have and never know it. 

I'm looking for evidence that the injections are causing my stalls. I will continue to inject because the change in my mood and overall feeling of well being has increased two-fold since I've restared my medication. Part 2 of this formula is restarting my weight training routine. Something I left behind after the second back surgery. 

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