Monday, July 20, 2009

Zero Carb: Part Two

The following quote from Charles Washington says it all for me.

This is the most frustrating aspect for me trying to run this type of forum. So many people think that the answers lie in Science and perhaps it does. However, we know that science and the results can be easily manipulated in such a way that every conclusion is ambiguous. ZC is all about experiencing it on the individual level. We are our own control group so you can't come in here and tell us how it doesn't work or what science says based on some results concocted in a laboratory or some metabolic ward. We are science, we are evidence and we are history. Our experiences mean everything. We've done it (or are doing it) and that is the most important factor.


  1. Thanks for your kind words on the previous blog entry, Bear. And congratulations on being within 10 pounds of your first goal!

    If I may, I would like to quote what you wrote on my blog on July 18th. It is the perfect response to Charles's assertion that experiences mean everything.

    ...the lack of evidence that long term consumption of nothing but conventionally raised beef and water is safe prompts me to warn people to avoid ZIOH. None of those folks have been doing this for more than 2 years. That's nothing in the scheme of things. I could smoke cigarettes for 2 years and declare I've lost weight and feel great so everyone should take up smoking. We might all be sorry 20 years down the line.

  2. You're welcome Stargazey. I was over there again today reading on the ZC v. VLC thread and it amazes me how they believe that seeing things through a scientific eye is somehow bad and stupid. I've never read anything like it in the world of health forums. I mean the site is Zeroing In On Health!
    I guess Kool-Aid must be part of the ZC lifestyle.

  3. How odd! In the few days that I was allowed access to the ZC forum before being banned, the focus was the science. Here's a sampling of some of the comments (and I wasn't even attempting to challenge the ZC woe).

    "Her comments are pitiful. I am embarassed for her. She took a quote from someone's post that said AS helped her lose weight. No science. Just someone's comments. Doesn't cocaine help you lose weight?"

    "You further claim that anyone who is questions ZC is bashed. Well, when you make
    unscientific claims about ZC, we will show you the scientific backing of our woe,
    perhaps less than politely because you took no time to educate yourself with there
    is bountiful information to be found here and in books. If you have evidence that shows
    us wrong, I for one would love to see it. My goal is health, not ZC per se. You saying, "that's just your opinion," doesn't mean a darn thing. Got proof for your claims? We do!"

    "... but I believe that's what sets apart the ZCers (and this site, specifically) from the other LC/VLC/VVLCers -- a need for science and a truth that makes sense to us about health. Not just weight loss."

  4. Hi Polarbear. great to find your blog. I am an occasional poster over at the zero forum. I used to be much more active but there are some not so nice people over there and that is unfortunate.

    You look great and whatever it is you are doing seems to be working just fine for you.


  5. The only science they support Didirina is whatever is convenient to show them right. If it's negative towards ZC, it's dismissed. It's called cherry picking.

    Glad to see you here Miriam. You're so right about the not so nice people. It's a strange place.