Friday, July 31, 2009

Menu's and Recipes

OK, I've decided to start taking the time to post my menus and recipes. I get a lot of requests for recipes and although I don't really use "recipes" I can always write up what I cook. There are some things I cook all the time and I can relay the technique and list the ingredients without posting it as a formal recipe.
So that's what you'll see most of the time. I will be posting each days menus the afternoon or morning after. I'll start with yesterdays menu later today.

There will always be things that I eat that will not be on the menus. That would be the food that I taste as I cook at work. They really are tastes, but some dishes require a number of tastes as I cook and they can add up to almost a small serving. Most of these dishes have more carbs than I would normally eat. This may even account for the stall I've been experiencing. So, if I've had quite a lot of something I'm cooking I will post it.

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